Big Brute 3-Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

The Big Brute 3-Phase is the ultimate Big Brute for industrial cleaning.

Its 3-phase motors give exceptional cleaning power for tackling the heaviest of industrial wastes.

Its multiple filtration levels ensure you get the best cleaning possible - it can even be fitted with a HEPA filter for the ultimate in cleaning.

The Big Brute 3-Phase is available in both Dry and Wet & Dry versions to tackle virtually anything in industrial cleaning.

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Big Brute 3-Phase

1. Big Brute 3-Phase

The Big Brute 3-Phase offers the ultimate in 3-phase industrial cleaning.

Big Brute 3-Phase (Wet)

2. Big Brute 3-Phase (Wet)

The Big Brute Barbarian (Wet) Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is a 3-phase vacuum cleaner for the ultimate in wet cleaning.