Big Brute Suck & Dump Wet & Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Product information

The Big Brute Suck & Dump Industrial Vacuum Cleaners take the danger out of emptying heavy loads.

Wet and liquid waste can be very heavy and struggling to empty an industrial vacuum cleaner that's full can be unsafe.

The Big Brute Suck & Dump Wet & Dry makes it easy to empty, safely. Raise your full machine over your skip or collection vessel with your forklift.

The waste then empties directly into the skip through the discharge flap in the base.

There's no need to struggle to empty heavy loads. It's easy to empty your Big Brute Suck & Dump directly into skips and vessels, even those with high sides, without mess or spills.

Watch in action

Big Brute Wet & Dry

1. Big Brute Wet & Dry

The Big Brute Wet & Dry is perfect for sludge, thick mud as found in blocked gulleys.

Big Brute Wet & Dry - Oil

2. Big Brute Wet & Dry - Oil

The Wet and Dry will handle liquids and sludge, including waste engine oil. This clip shows the Big Brute Wet & Dry used with the Interceptor Lid for open topped drums.